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2-4 players from 6 years, 15 - 20 minutes playing time, families/adults


1 Plan with a running route
2 dice:
 1 six-sided die with +1 / -1 / +2/ +3/ pos.1/ pos.5
 1 six-sided die with 5 colors and 1x joker side
5 animal tokens in 5 colors
5 animals in 5 colors
1 rule 


A turbulent race for 2 – 5 players from 6 years 

Oh yes, the hedgehog does not occur at all – we know – he is already at the finish!
The 5 animals move via dice towards the goal. The trick of the game is to use the dice skillfully and change the animal in time.

The plan is laid out. All animals are placed on the matching starting fields. Each player chooses an animal token; this is his current animal in possession. If there are less than 5 players, the remaining token will be placed open next to the plan. They can be exchanged during the course of the game.

A player starts and then the dice are rolled in turn.

In your turn you have 2 options:  

A)  Roll both dice 

You roll both dice and may then decide to use the dice as they are, or to throw one or both anew. The “colored die” (with white = joker you can choose a color) determines the animal that is moved. The “numbered die” determines the number of spaces to move. That can be: 1 space back, advance 2 or 3 spaces; With the die side “P1 = first place” the according animal is immediately placed in front and with “P5 = last position” the according animal is placed behind the last animal so far. If with these die sides the animal is already first or last, it is not moved.   When moving, occupied fields are always skipped and NOT counted. Should several animals have to be drawn to the very last field, they are placed on this field.  

B)  Swap tokens

Instead of rolling dice, you can exchange your token with that of another player or a non-active token. The taken token is flipped over (colorless side) until the next move of the player. On the colorless side the tile cannot be exchanged by another player. In his next turn, he flips it back over again and performs anormal move: dice or swap tokens.  

Game end

If the first animal reaches the goal, then the player who owns the corresponding token at that point of time wins.   If the token (with less than 5 players) is next to the plan (not owned by a player), no player wins and a new game is played immediately!