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2-5 players, 45 minutes playing time, A dice and skillgame

Game material:

Play disc with  5  holes
1 bridge
40 dice
Task Cards
This rule

A quick and easy game for up to 10 steady hands.

Task cards indicate which situation needs to be achieved. For example, two towers must be built at least 2 cubes high and at the top there must be a 6 each…. and then you have to put the bridge on exactly these two towers!

Game Objective: Win 3 or 5 task cards 

Place the board in the middle of the table

Place 5 dice with different numbers in the openings.

Place the bridge in any way over two dices.

Prepare the dice 

The task cards are shuffled face down and the top one is revealed.

One player starts, throws any die* and places it on an according die. According is the next higher number than shown on any die on the board. 2 on 1, 3 on 2, 4 on 3…. A 1 is placed on a 6.

  • If there are according dice on the bridge, they are now placed on the die just placed.
  • If there is no die which fits, the die thrown is placed on the bridge.

*The color of the cube is only important if the task requires it 

If the number rolled is a 1 or 6, then the active player first places the 1 or 6 on other dice (and if necessary. also stack dice from the bridge), then with a 1 the right and with a 6 the left player must move the bridge to any two other dice.  (At least a new dicetower must be chosen). With numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5, the active player moves the bridge himself.

After laying down the bridge, “matching” dice may have been uncovered again. Dice from the bridge must now be placed by the player who moved the bridge

The dicetowers get higher and the risk increases. If dice fall down, the player who had last successfully built, wins the card! A new round begins.

The next player in seating order rolls a die….   starting from the player who last rolled the die and not from the player who moved the bridge!

Task accomplished  /  new  round

Once a player completes the task, he receives the card and a new card is revealed.

The game starts all over again. All dice are cleared, 5 are put back on the board and the player who won the card continues the game.